The CC Show

The CC Show

The CC Show ft. Sounds by DJ Seith is transforming the current culture of digital online space, to create a platform for the oppressed, artists, change makers and heart workers!

About the show!

The show is co-hosted by Caceila (CC) Trahan and DJ Seith. CC is the coordinator who finds diverse guests and topics that need to be discussed. Seith is the Artistic Director and handles all of the streaming and video content. Seith also offers diverse knowledge of music; each episode of the show features a grassroots artist. The Logo and Graphic Arts were made by Taylor Jolin, a local Indigenous Artist.

The CC Show ft. Sounds by DJ Seith was inspired by the late Adam Aelick (22), who was an aspiring Youtube star and was known for his work with Positivity with 22Q. His legacy and need for diverse online television are what drove hosts CC and DJ Seith to launch the show.

“We felt like we were hearing from the same people locally, we wanted to mix it up and speak with everyday experts and changemakers, that could be your neighbour, about issues that are really important both locally and globally.”

Voices for Change Panel

The Voices for Change panel are the diverse guests that we invite to our show! We intend to see different faces unpack issues that matter. Panellists and community members are encouraged to participate in developing the topics chosen on the show. In this way, participants have some ownership in the show and conversations. Panellists in Season 1 included women, folks who are oppressed, elders and youth.

From June to October 2020, the first Season of The CC Show launched, running nine episodes on topics including – Working Womxn During Quarantine and National Crisis, Working in Quarantine: Personal Support Work, Mental Wellness Journeys, Systematic Racism: Socioeconomic Disparity and Police Brutality, Racism In The Workplace, a Halloween Special and more!

Season 2 has just wrapped up and is available to view online!





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