Our genIMPACT events were a series of educational experiences and workshops designed to spark and stimulate curiosity in personal growth, learning, and making a better social impact.

Below are selected topics and descriptions of events that we have hosted:



03/24/16 – Social Impact Measurement with Idear

03/23/16 – Financial Literacy with Idear

03/17/16 – Social Impact Measurement with Build Blue

03/16/16 – Financial Literacy with Build Blue

03/15/16 – Social Innovation 101 with Build Blue

03/14/16 – Social Innovation 101 with Idear

03/10/16 – Intro to Social Entrepreneurship with SoJo and Idear

03/09/16 – Intro to Social Entrepreneurship with SoJo and Build Blue


08/15 – Digital Media for a Social World 

06/15 – Your New GPS: Asset Mapping with Dr. Cameron Norman (CENSE Research + Design) and Dr. Alexander Lovell (YouthREX)

06/15 – Network-Driven Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Tonya Surman (Centre for Social Innovation) and Penny Scott (Health Nexus)

05/15 – The Coworking Revolution with Adil Dhalla (Centre for Social Innovation), Clutiv8tor and LAB B

04/15 – Better City Stretch: Share Ideas, Shape Our Region with CivicAction’s Emerging Leaders Network

03/15 – Do You Feel Included in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship? 

02/15 – Let’s Talk Social Innovation 101 with Dr. Cameron Norman (CENSE Research + Design)