Earthling Art Collective

Earthling Art Collective

Greetings Earthlings!

Earthling Art Collective is a grassroots program focused on developing young people’s potential as well as fostering self esteem and confidence through skill building while implementing the things they learn in a professional setting under professional tutelage and guidance.

*Due to Covid we have currently shut down our brick and mortar facility to focus on outreach and online presentation, We look forward to a day we can work collectively together again in person but in the meantime stay active on our Facebook page to stay updated on what we’re up to and any programming we have upcoming! – EAC.

We have a full music/film production and editing studio, green screen, 3d printer, vinyl printer,heat press and vast array of instruments. And volunteers from all walks of life ready to lend their expertise to developing transitional age (18 to 35) youth’s skill-sets into something tangible. We help with distribution of finished material and film festival submission. Curation of finish works of art and eventually through local partnerships placement into entry level positions in a vast array of fields. Currently funded by the gracious contributions of the Ontario government’s YOF (youth opportunities fund) our OM (organisational mentor) organisation is the Thunder Bay Art Gallery and we are partnered with a myriad of local and regional grassroots groups and not for profits to provide a networking web for our shared participants across Ontario.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and we hope to see you in the group and in the studio one day!

Core team members

  • Ben Murray (planbstrik9)
    Founder/Creative Director/Mentor
  • Brandon Rodeghiero – (Bthewiz)
    Secretary/Director of Videography/Mentor
  • Charlotte Bottle – (Mota)
    Mentee in Videography/Photography/Graphic design





Get In Touch

Location: 5 Beechwood Ave
PO Box 74216
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1M 2H9

Telephone: 866.888.4281