About CatalystsX

Our Organization

We are a non-profit supporting “catalysts” – changemakers, social entrepreneurs, activists, communities, and organizations. Catalysts share one thing in common: they’re trying to build the world they want to live in – in a good way. Our job is to help them make that happen.

Our Vision

A world of thoughtful, responsible changemaking.

Our Mission

To cultivate and accelerate catalysts by connecting them with the people, resources and opportunities they need to survive and thrive.

Our Values

Better Together: Reciprocal relationships as the heart of community and collaboration.

Growth Mindset: Continuous learning and improvement.

Paradigm Busting: Pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Tapping into passion, initiative and a sense of responsibility.

Open To All: Honesty and inclusivity through our words and actions.

Where we are

While we have employees across Ontario and partners across the country, our mailing address is based out of Ottawa on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin nation. In doing so, CatalystsX acknowledges it has a responsibility to the Algonquin people, culture and land.





Get In Touch

Location: 5 Beechwood Ave
PO Box 74216
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1M 2H9

Telephone: 866.888.4281

Email: hello@catalystsx.ca